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Stock Earnings Result Update

Hello friends and investors,

I have been getting emails to provide my view on the results of some businesses which I have been writing about in MMB and the Google Group (no recommendations but just the growth story)

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A few Q1 results of the businesses I like personally are out. As you know me well, these are not buy or sell calls but just an update from whatever has been uploaded on the BSE/NSE Website. This is just for the benefit of my old friends & new investors. All the best friends.

Everything analyzed YoY

2016-2017 Quarter 1 Results: 

Total Operating income was Rs. 162.42 million (mn) for Q1FY17 as compared to Rs. 127.77 mn in the corresponding period of the previous year reflecting an increase of 27%
EBITDA stood at Rs. 65.13 mn as compared to Rs. 49.21 mn during the corresponding period of previous year, an increase of 32%
EBITDA Margin at 41.1% for Q1FY17 as against 39.4% in Q1FY16.
Net profit stood at Rs. 38.34 mn for Q1FY17 as compared to Rs. 30.15 mn in the corresponding period of the previous year, an increase of 27%
Basic EPS stood at Rs. 3.45 as against Rs.2.71 in the corresponding quarter of last fiscal 
Press Release in this link...
At current price of 270, the stock is trading at 11x past earnings.. 

Strong order book, new products (lubricant jellies), approvals for the same, high capacity, new regions and sustainability might take this company to greater heights.

Topline has increased 4% from 700 Cr to 730 Cr
Expenses have gone up due to Change in inventory from 626 Cr to 660 Cr
Operating profit is down from 73 Cr to 69 Cr
Bottomline is 22% from 29 Cr to 35.6 Cr
EPS up 22% from 12.5 to 15.4 per share
At current price of 450, the stock is trading at 9x past earnings..
Increase in cotton prices and the new textile policy need to be carefully monitored to figure out how the stock does in future.

Topline grew 23% from 77.6 Cr to 95.8 Cr
Operating profit grew 24% from 23 Cr to 28.7 Cr
Bottomline grew at 20% from 11.6 Cr to 14 Cr
EPS grew from 4.29 to 5.17
At current price of 320, the stock is trading at 16x past earnings.. 
Strong media presence, consistent performance and digitization might take this to good heights moving forward.

Topline up 4% from 87.5 Cr to 91.5 Cr
Due to high cost of material consumed, expenses are up which has eaten into the Operating Profits
Operating profit fell from 6 Cr to 3.4 Cr
Net profits have fallen from 2.6 Cr to 54 Lakhs
At current price of 65, the stock is trading at 13x past earnings.. 
Strong management, good margins, low debt and good ROE might continue moving forward. However, cotton prices and its effect needs to be watched closely.

IFGL Refractories
Topline down from 184 Cr to 181 Cr
Operating profit down from 21 Cr to 16.6 Cr
Bottomline is down from 15 Cr to 10 Cr
EPS has reduced from 4.4 to 2.8
Debt steadily coming down which is amazing. Company focusing on Debt to Equity ratio
At current price of 120, the stock is trading at 11x past earnings.. 
Strong management, low debt, good dividend, promising results even during tough times might take this stock to greater heights when steel revives. Extreme headwinds as of now. When the tailwinds blow, the strong companies will only sustain.

Capital First
Topline up 54% from 398 Cr to 616 Cr
Operating profit grew 38% from 249 Cr to 346 Cr
Bottomline is up 48% from 33 Cr to 49 Cr
At current price of 720, the stock is trading at 35x past earnings.. 
Strong books, excellent management acumen, great balance sheets should keep this one going.

Himatsingka Seide
Topline marginally up 2% from 471 Cr to 480 Cr
Due to lower expenses, operating profit grew 30% from 59 Cr to 77 Cr
Bottomline is up 69% from 26.7 Cr to 45.3 Cr which is phenomenal
At current price of 270, the stock is trading at 20x times past earnings.
Great vision, design, promoters, dividends & strong balance sheets might continue to be a game changer for investors.

Topline up 10% from 2013 Cr to 2196 Cr
Operating profit grew 10% from 260 Cr to 288 Cr
Bottomline is up 13% from 194 Cr to 220 Cr
EPS is around 67
At current price of 3320, the stock is trading at 46x times past earnings.
Awesome market, products, innovation and solid books might continue to create wealth for old investors.

Arvind Infrastructure
Topline up 118% from 10 Cr to 22.5 Cr
Operating profit tripled from 2.4 Cr to 7.3 Cr
Bottomline is up from 22 Lakhs to 3 Cr
The company has allotted 57,50,000 warrants at Rs. 88 per warrant on preferential basis to promoter and promoter group entities during this quarter
At current price of 82.6, the stock is trading at 10x times past earnings.

FreshTrop Fruits
Topline up 33% from 43.7 Cr to 58.5 Cr
Operating profit grew 27% from 8.2 Cr to 10.5 Cr
Good amount of tax paid
Bottomline is up 10% from 6.3 Cr to 7 Cr
Due to uninterrupted monsoon, looks like the best of the company is coming out
At current price of 92, the stock is trading at 12x times past earnings.
Its great to see both Fresh fruit and Food processing doing so well. Segment revenue increase in Fresh Fruit is a positive.
Niche business, strong books, sustainable business might take this stock to greater heights.

Ambika Cotton Mills
Topline flat at 125 Cr
Operational profit marginally up from 17.4 Cr to 18 Cr
Bottomline is marginally up from 12 Cr to 12.5 Cr
Nice to see Windmill giving good revenue contribution
Its good to see that the company is investing on technology with internal accruals.
The yearly EPS is 75.68
At the current of price of 815, the stock is trading at 10x times past earnings.
Excellent promoters, leadership, investments in technology, steady reserves and decreasing debt might make this investment a good compounder in times to come.

NCL Industries
Topline is up 6% from 157 Cr to 167 Cr
However, the expenses have grown and hence the Operating profit is down from 33 Cr to 18.6 Cr.
Bottomline is down from 20 Cr to 9 Cr
At the current of price of 110, the stock is trading at 10x times past earnings.
Progressive financials, drive to perform, recent dividends, higher capacities might take this stock to better levels.
However, their servicing of debt is something to watch out for.

Mirza International
Topline is flat at 250 Cr
Operating profit is flat at 37 Cr
Due to lower finance cost, bottomline is up 11% from 18 Cr to 20 Cr
The yearly EPS is 7.21
At the current of price of 85, the stock is trading at 12x times past earnings.
Steady numbers, good sector, decent reserves might take this stock slowly and steadily.

Good luck,
Fundamental Investor

NOTE: If there is any mistake in my interpretation which has occurred due to human error, please bring it to my notice immediately so that I can rectify the same.


  1. thanks a lot FI bhai..appreciate your great work

  2. Thank you on brief notes on results. Good work man



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    Thanks Davar

    1. Dear Davar bhai.. I do not give buy or sell calls since it is upto you to make that decision. I think both Ambika and FreshTrop have very bright future.. However, your entry price is little higher :-( Ambika is strong with low debt which is a huge positive in the Textile business. The only problem with FreshTrop is that it is climate dependant and that is a risk. If you still have specific questions, please send me an email. God bless..


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