Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Social Travel - Maybe the next big investment opportunity !!!

Hello investors & friends,

Let me tell you a fairy tale and take you back a few decades :-)

That was the wonderful time when people loved to talk to people, spend time with friends and close ones, enjoy the mountains, trees and rivers, play in the mud, actually got wet in the rain, watch and cherish the beautiful sunset. I remember the time when a Birthday party or Wedding was attended by people watching the event with their eyes and bless wholeheartedly. I also remember times when people loved to experience everything by actually experiencing it :-)

Times have changed my friends.. Today, we spend more time in getting more Likes, Tweets, Shares and Pictures rather than living the experience. We most of the time virtually connect rather than meet up and interact. What are we moving towards?

In this article, I share a nice ad commercial I came across in Youtube by SnG Comedy which shows a business which has enormous potential moving forward, thanks to people's changing mindset. Who knows? Social Travel might just be the next big thing to invest in...

Watch and enjoy :-) This video is also a wake up call for all of us. Lets enjoy the real thing friends.. This world is a beautiful place and experiencing it completely is bliss !!!

Courtesy: SnG Comedy

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  1. OMG... :).. bursting out of laugh.... Really people are crazy.. Not sure really after some years if this is going to be true :(.

    Very nicely written FI.

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