Learn from FI (Personal Finance & Long Term Wealth Creation)

Dearest investors & friends,

As you know, I have been responding to emails for almost 10 years now. Email connected me to thousands of families who wanted my generic thoughts on multiple topics - Life, Investing, Valuations, Personal Finance & Long Term Psychology & Wealth Creation. 

I began this website (www.fundamental-investor.com) 7 years back, again to share my experiences.

In 2017, I started sharing my thoughts on Twitter. It's amazing how the Twitter family organically and slowly grew to over 2.5 Lakh.

When the market crashed in March 2020, I only saw negativity all around. Even the so called, long term investors, started panicking. This was when I realised that, it was time for me to empower families directly on personal finance and long term wealth creation.

In September 2020, I began an initiative - To Empower atleast 100 families on Personal Finance & Long Term Wealth Creation. So, if you are looking to learn from me, only then proceed ahead.

I share my 17+ years of experience to interested friends over a weekend a month (those who want to empower themselves to make decisions). If you are interested (only genuinely interested), you can find details below on the note. I can show you how to be independent and make your own financial decisions. Else also, if you not voluntarily interested, I am always available on email. Prayers !!! 

Note: I have created a small initiative exclusively for people who want to Interact with me on a Weekend. Click here, Read the Complete Content & Fill the Form only if interested. No obligations. Only serious learners who Value My Time to Click. You are not doing me a favor by learning. It's for YOU. Friends who are filling the form now might have to wait for 8 - 12 months for a slot as I am catering to friends in the order of filling the form. If you are a serious learner interested to learn, I would still advice you to fill the form. Stock Market is a long term game. I promise to contact you as and when I finish with friends who have filled the form earlier. Patience pays.




- I Am NOT SEBI Registered

- I Do Not Give any Stock/Mutual Fund Advice

- I Do Not Manage Portfolios of Anyone

- I Do Not Manage Other's Money

- Any Stock Names which I Use as Examples should Not be Used as a Recommendation by the Reader

- Before Following My Views, Please Use Your Own Wisdom or Consult a Financial Advisor

- Since I do not Recommend Buy/Sell to Anyone, I am not Responsible for any Reader's Actions.