Annual Report 2017 Key Highlights

Dearest investors and friends,

Hope you are doing great. As many of you are aware, this Website was started by myself mainly for everyone to Learn with Active Participation. 

Theory is useless if not Practically Implemented - FI

On my Free Google Group, I recently had a very unique Exercise. The game execution plan was simple:

- Pick a Listed Business

- Download the Latest Annual Report 2017
- Read every line of the Annual Report
- Diligently Note Down Key Points, Snapshots, Figures etc
- Collate in a Nice Report
- Share with Investor Community

It's awe inspiring to the see the phenomenal response which I got. My inbox was flooded with emails. 

And do you know who are the participants in this Unique Drive? Simple Retail Investors like you and me. Common women & men with a Dream to Compound Big in the Stock Market. 

Readers - You all know me well and my style. As always, please note that these notes are not recommendations. They are just the Highlights collected from the Annual Reports, Investor Presentations, Conference calls etc consolidated in one place for benefit of all. If any errors are present in any interpretation, please let us know. I am just an email away :-) If you want to contribute, I am just an email away :-) 

Get in touch with me anytime

Also, since notes are created by friends who have various experiences in the market, the levels will vary. Thought processes will be different. Fonts, spacing, interpretation will be diverse. After all, Unity in Diversity is beautiful.

As of now, most Annual Report notes are still in progress. Many of them are in Review stage. As the notes get reviewed, they will be posted in this page. Look out for the same.

Click on the Company Logo to view the AR Key Highlights 2017. Enjoy my dear friends !!! 

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A usual disclaimer for all the Highlights prepared:

All Notes have been created by Reading the Annual Report or Presentations or Conference Calls of the Company. These are not recommendations but a starting point for interested investors to understand the businesses better. If there are any mistakes in interpretation etc., please feel free to let us know and we can correct the same. Also, by chance, if there are any views of opinions in any Report, it is purely a personal interpretation of the story. It is important to understand that this initiative is to serve Investor Community and a Learning for us as well. Enjoy the reports friends.

Good luck,

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