Saturday 28 March 2020

21 Tips During the 21 Day Corona Virus Lockdown in India

Dear friends & investors,

As I write this article, the temperature is 34 degrees Celsius in my city. Nice and hot. We are all under the 21 day lock-down due to the Corona Virus spread. Kids, Parents & Family everyone. Are you all enjoying this period together?

Here are 21 Tips which we follow as a family. Just wanted to share with all of you. So, here we go !!!

TIP 1:
Cook together. Eat together. Eat fresh home cooked hot food. Even if you do not know how to cook, help with cutting. Or washing vegetables. Or just be around. This practice of ordering from outside is something which has picked up steam in the last decade. Let us use this opportunity to explore home cooked food. Avoid frozen stuff. Make it a habit. The love of my life is an amazing cook. We enjoy awesome food every day.

TIP 2:
Use a matka (earthen pot) so that the water remains cool naturally in this summer heat. Drink warm water after your meals. Keep it in a flask and enjoy small sips of it. This will keep your system clean and healthy. You will feel really good. Try it.

TIP 3:
Stand in the sunlight atleast for few minutes during the day. Thank the Sun for being there for us. Enjoy the warmth. Encourage your family to also do the same. You could do it from your Balcony or even outside your home (ensuring that you are keeping safe distance from outsiders). If you are living in a Gated Community or Apartment, then find a place to feel the warmth of the sun. If you have your own Terrace or Garden, then great. Enjoy the warm air. Enjoy the trees. Enjoy some nature time.

TIP 4:
We have lost the habit of Gardening and Growing Basic Plants. Gardening is the best way to relate to nature and feel her presence. She gives life to all. It would be nice if you can have mustard, coriander, pudina etc to begin with. Introduce your children to how plants grow. Let them feel our earth. Thank Mother Earth for being there for all of us. Having basic plants helps us in our daily cooking as well. Watering them and caring for them builds us internally as well. Keep some water in small vessels for birds as well.

TIP 5:
I generally go out to buy vegetables, fruits, groceries and other essentials in the house. I would advise each family to identify only one member to go for essential purchases. I prefer to go out between 2 PM - 4 PM when the sun is at its peak. I see that most shops around my home are empty at that time. Milk shops open twice a day in my area. I move out to buy milk and some vegetables between 3:30 to 4 PM (generally after market hours) during weekdays. Also, I avoid the big supermarkets where I see long queues. I either walk down or cycle. Also, let's avoid stocking up. Buy fresh every week. I see many smaller essential shops having most products. Avoid going when it is cooler (early morning or late evenings). This is just something I found useful. When I do this, I feel dry. I feel healthy.

TIP 6:
When I return back from outside shopping in the afternoon (keeping TIP 5 in mind, let only one person go out), I keep most items in the sun for few minutes, wash my hands with soap outside, move to bathroom & wash my clothes immediately, take a quick shower and then come out fresh. This I maintain everytime I go out to buy essentials in hot sunlight.

TIP 7:
In our culture, taking bath twice was something we used to do. Once in the morning and once in the evening. In this lock-down, we may like to try this and see if this works.

TIP 8:
In school, children are taught how to score and compete. They hardly learn since they are running the race early. Most parents would be doing the homework and completely frustrated to meet the schools' demands. Most children only go to school to be with friends and definitely for the games etc. This is my personal experience as well. Now, is the opportunity to equip ourselves and show children what life is all about.

TIP 9:
In continuation to TIP 8, use this time to Clean the home, dust, sweep, mop, wash clothes, vessels etc. and empower the child to do the same. Do it together as a family. Let this not look like a burden or something which is only done by the domestic help or the ladies of the home. I can assure you, that these skills will help the child more in life moving forward. This will ensure that children understand the effort put in these activities. Let them not take life for granted. My parents taught me these very early in life. These skills are most helpful for me in family life. We are all able to share the work at home.

TIP 10:
Have atleast 1 hour of game time at home. Play some board games or some old childhood games. Encourage more family time. Children will also suggest some games which they play with their friends.

TIP 11:
If there are grandparents at home, please ask them to tell some nice stories. This is a great time to have story sessions at home. Use their wisdom to the fullest. 

TIP 12:
Have at least 1 hour of prayer time. I am sure, most of us, irrespective of culture or religion, have a few prayers. Sanskrit is a very powerful language. You can listen to Bhajans or some nice Stotrams. You may choose to play the Bhagavad Gita in the background. Try to allocate 30 min to 1 hour for the same.

TIP 13:
Believe me. The best way to stay fit is to do the home chores. The more we get involved in home activities, the more we stay fit. Having said this, some might want to do some fitness routines. Yoga and Pranaayama could be another option. Keep that going. I prefer doing home chores to keep myself fit.

TIP 14:
Learn atleast 1 new thing from nature every day. Empower yourself during this period. Observe. Only then, learning happens.

TIP 15:
Give charity to someone you personally know. If you look around you will see atleast 4-5 families who need money more than you do. Maybe the domestic help, garbage picking boys, local vegetable vendors etc etc. Please ensure that you keep their spirits high and help them in need. Maintain safe distance.

TIP 16:
Ensure that you are in touch with atleast one doctor. If there are elders in the house, keep emergency numbers handy. Also, if your domestic help doesn't have own vehicle, please ensure that you are in touch with them as well. The people who do not have their own transport will be the most hit in case of a medical emergency. Plan with your family, as to how to deal with a medical emergency. Some of us might have some non COVID cases as well. We need to be prepared for anything. Keep this in mind.

TIP 17:
Ensure that you maintain enough money to meet your expenses. Most of us have gone digital. I personally have been using PayTM for the last couple of years and hence, even today, when I go to my local shops, I am able to pay without touching anyone. Try to use digital payments as far as possible.

TIP 18:
Revisit some of your old hobbies. Reading, painting, gardening, writing poems, singing, dancing etc etc. Encourage everyone in family to do the same.

TIP 19:
Watch some shows together online. If the above tips are followed, you will minimize staying on the mobile screen for a long time and end up knowing everyone in the family better.

TIP 20:
Talk to your children. Talk to your parents. Bring back the good old days of talking and chatting face to face.

TIP 21:
Don't keep reading or thinking about the Virus. Fear kills more than the Virus itself. Mute the Family Whatsapp groups where you see countless scary videos. Stay Positive.

So, friends. Even this.... Shall Pass.... We will definitely miss these times when things get normal. But, I am sure if these TIPS are followed, life will become more complete as normalcy returns.

Hope these 21 Tips help during the 21 day lockdown. Let me know which are the ones you already are doing, or which one you relate to, the most. Please also let me know if you have any more things you would like to share.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Positive. Stay Happy. Stay Peaceful.

Fundamental Investor


  1. You're simply amazing. I have been following you for a while now. Your thought process is enlightening and I feel, I met the right person to learn something every day. Thank you!

  2. Good things need to follow ������

  3. These are very realistic tips and till now none of the blogger have given such useful tips. Hope you will continue with your marvelous tips?

    See you soon.

    RK Bhuwalka

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  6. U R Great Sir !!!

    U tought us amazing lessons of life !!!

  7. Very good points ji.. doing a few n ll try the rest too

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  12. Allow yourself to laugh together. Maybe cooking mishaps or clumsy DIY Lockdown attempts could be a source of amusement. Affectionate humour is a positive way to manage stress and retain a more light-hearted approach when you're spending lockdown together.


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